The Pixel 6’s Major January Update Has a New Release Date

If you still possess a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro and haven’t thrown it away because the phone has become a problematic disaster after two months of no updates, a new day to mark on your calendar has arrived. The huge January update for the Pixel 6 that Google promised might arrive on Monday, January 17.

We know you’ve heard it all before. After quite a delay outside of all other Pixels in December, we have assured the same thing, only to be disappointed in the last days of 2021, realizing that December’s update had been canceled and there would be no replacement until “late” January.

Today, Fido (via Reddit) revised their OS upgrade timetable, indicating that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro would get a fresh update on January 17. It expressly states that this is the January update, which was also provided today. Previously, the website said that the upgrade would be “coming shortly.”

If Monday arrives with the goods, you can anticipate the update to be rather huge and solve a long list of issues that would be too long for a single article. In fact, the December update was expected to fix over 100 bugs with Android 12, while the January release is scheduled to fix at least another ten.

We’ll keep an eye out starting Monday AM. For those who want to flash the latest builds, we should have factory image and OTA files, and an over-the-air update shouldn’t belong behind.